New Lectures Series Demonstrates the Power of Present-Centric(TM) History


Free yourself from your intellectual dependence on “professional” historians!  It is possible.  I will show you how! The course starts March 20. (Not the 21st, as was previously posted in error.) See the full course description for details.

Over ten years ago, I started helping adults overcome the tragic deficit of historical-literacy that modern education has imposed on us by offering “A First History for Adults.”  That program helped hundreds of students learn history more productively than ever before.  I also launched “History At Our House”—the distance teaching program that has allowed thousands of children to get the history education they deserve from the start—no matter where they live.  The methods I have learned are all being incorporated into my forthcoming book, The History of Now, an  introductory history of the world that will demonstrate in a new way why Thomas Jefferson said that “History is that knowledge most useful to us.”  And now I’m going to show you not merely what I’ve learned, but how you can do it yourself!  “Be Your Own Historian,” starting March 20, will reveal every essential secret I have learned about the rapid, efficient acquisition of powerful historical knowledge.

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This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Republican Party!

  Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016 — almost certainly facing Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side. With the protest movement known as “Trumpism,” we are witnessing the final...


From Greatness to Disintegration: What is the Fate of the Republican Party?

Please note:  There will only be ONE live session of this class.  It’s FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED, and it will be FULL.  Don’t delay! —– In Trumpism and the Failure of Conservatism: A Present-CentricTM History of...


Ready for Hillary: A Present-Centric(TM) History of the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton is the run-away favorite to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016 — facing Donald Trump on the Republican side.  The Democratic party is definitely ready for Hillary, which is to...


Session 1 of “Failure of Conservatism” Sold Out — Session 2 Added!

  With Ted Cruz knocked out of the Republican party’s primaries, it is incontestable that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016 — almost certainly facing Hillary Clinton on the...


Present-Centric(TM) History of the Republican Party is First in New Series

Please note:  This session is sold out! [You can still purchase the RECORDING below if you like, OR, join the second live session here.] —– With Ted Cruz knocked out of the Republican party’s...


This Is Your Chance to Really Learn History!

Don’t let today’s “professional” historians derail you! Don’t let them stop you from learning the true value of history! Starting this Sunday, adults students of Powell History will begin reclaiming history for themselves.  Are...


What Would You Learn, If You Could?

If you could learn the history of something — really learn it — what would you want to know about? Registered students of Be Your Own Historian (which starts March 20) are already starting...


Yes, You Can Learn History!

What if you could learn history—despite historians? As you well know, if you’ve ever tried to understand something historically, academics give you too much information.  It’s impossible not to get bogged down when trying...


Et tu, J.K.?

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — the book that launched a cultural phenomenon — J.K. Rowling uses the character of the young Harry to take a shot at the subject of history.  ...


The Number One Challenge of Adult History Students

I remember as a young adult and engineering graduate that I felt dissatisfied with my understanding of the world, and I wanted to explore the humanities independently. I had gone into engineering, because the...