Yes, You Can Learn History!

What if you could learn history—despite historians?

As you well know, if you’ve ever tried to understand something historically, academics give you too much information.  It’s impossible not to get bogged down when trying to learn the history of something for oneself from “serious” historians.

On the other hand if you rely on today’s political writers, what you get is cherry-picking.  The limited set of facts you get is always chosen to rationalize a conclusion they want to force-feed you.

Imagine, for instance, you want to learn the history of Syria so that you can understand the Syrian civil war and the rise of the Islamic State.  How would you do it?

Turn to today’s journalists, and you’ll get a version slanted against either Obama or Bush.  No matter what your political leanings, you’ve got to know in advance that it can’t be as simple as partisan writers want you to think it is.  But if you want the whole story, how many books do you have to read?  What about Wikipedia? Regardless, you are soon immersed in a massive quantity of information.

What parts matter?  How can you tell?  And how do you put it all together to grasp the “big picture”?

For most people, the frustration from every serious encounter with history is so great, that the main strategy is to tune out history altogether.

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What if you could penetrate the plethora and the politics that shroud the value of history?

But what if there was a way?

What if you could learn history–despite historians?

Really learn it.  So that the experience would be motivating and instructive? It wouldn’t be just reading books or listening to lectures by experts and then inevitably forgetting even most of your favorite parts.

There is a way to learn history independently.

There is a way to identify and focus on the most essential information when studying the past — whether it’s the past of something specific or even the whole past!

I’ve been studying history for over twenty years now.  I’ve gone through the gauntlet so many times, and I’ve finally reached the point where I can assemble a preliminary history of a topic that’s important to me in about 20 MINUTES!

That’s right!  20 MINUTES.

It’s taken me 20 years to be able to learn the history of something in 20 minutes.

But I will teach you how in one course.

The course is “Be Your Own Historian.”

You may not get to the point where you can learn the history of a complex topic in 20 minutes. There’s an art to that, and it does take a long time to develop that level of expertise. But there’s no reason why you too can’t have a productive — and rapid — way to learn history for yourself.

Imagine what you wouldn’t have to give up on learning, if only you knew how!

Classes start Sunday, March 20.  A full course description is now available.  Registration is now open!

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