What Would You Learn, If You Could?

If you could learn the history of something — really learn it — what would you want to know about?

Registered students of Be Your Own Historian (which starts March 20) are already starting to chime in.

Here are some of the topics I will be using to demonstrate the methods I espouse:

  • The History of Syria (Learn what drives the current debacle!)
  • The History of Ukraine (Learn how to make sense of that situation!)
  • The History of Tunisia (The “Arab Spring” started here.  How is that going?)
  • The History of Egypt (The revolution is stalled.  What next?)
  • The History of the United States (Learn why the world we live in won’t be “post-American,” but rather “post-Americanistic” — and why that makes all the difference!)
  • The History of the Republican Party (Find out if the Republican party can survive, and what’s in store in post-Americanistic party-politics.)

    What would you learn, if you could span “continents” of historical awareness?

In addition here’s a list of some of the topics that students will be covering.

  • The History of Medecine (An infectious diseases expert will build this one, using Powell History methods.)
  • The History of Europe (A British student will look for clues about the fate of the EU.)
  • The History of the Czech Republic (An American student from a Czech family will look into the trajectory of this constituent state of the EU.)
  • The History of the Internet (An investor is interested in the trajectory of this technology!)
  • The History of Music (a wonderful integration of art and history)

So what would you study if you could?

Join us and learn how you can gain independent insight into the world around you, expand your understanding of your most important values, and objectively predict the future!

Registration is now open.  Course details can be found here.

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