This Is Your Chance to Really Learn History!

Don’t let today’s “professional” historians derail you! Don’t let them stop you from learning the true value of history!

Starting this Sunday, adults students of Powell History will begin reclaiming history for themselves.  Are you among them?

Carve your own learning destiny! Learn the Powell History method to achieve intellectual independence in the study of history.

If your experience of history centers on the frustration of reading books or listening to lectures that you can’t integrate into a coherent body of knowledge and inevitably forget; or you recall with disdain the droning of some antiquarian or on a topic that has nothing to do with life here and now; or you find yourself discouraged by the proliferation of alternate histories to suit any purpose including the undermining of Western civilization, America, and your personal liberty, then Be Your Own Historian is for you!

This course is for people who know that neither the facsimile of history that academics have foisted on the culture nor the cherry-picking that political columnists use to rationalize their preconceptions is not worthy of the name.

This course is for people who want to take back history from the historians!

This course is even for people who think they hate history!  If you do, ask yourself why.  If the answer has to do with it being unintelligible and/or irrelevant,  then Be Your Own Historian is for you!

Be Your Own Historian will teach you the unique Powell History method called Present-CentrismTM.  By means of a present-centric approach to history, you will learn to connect the past seemlessly to the present, i.e. to the world around you.  By learning to forge this connection for yourself, you will learn the secret of intellectual independence in history.  You will not have to rely on historians ever again.  You will have the power to learn history for yourself!

Registration is now open.  Course details can be found here.  The first lecture is this Sunday (Mar.20)!


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