Ready for Hillary: A Present-Centric(TM) History of the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton is the run-away favorite to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016 — facing Donald Trump on the Republican side.  The Democratic party is definitely ready for Hillary, which is to say ready for a progressive woman president — but not quite ready for outright socialism, as represented by Bernie Sanders.  The question is:  which resonates more with America as a whole — the pragmatic, inclusive progressivism of Hillary, or Trumpism? Only a present-centricTM historical analysis holds the answer.

Thursday, June 16, at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific, I will present the first on-line session of:

Ready for Hillary (Not Quite Ready to Feel the Bern): A Present-CentricTM History of the Democratic Party

In this lecture you will learn to see for yourself what the trajectory of the dominant party in American politics is.

This is powerful history all Americans need to knownot merely “the study of the past” or a partisan polemic!

In this presentation the focus will be on the present as we summon the historical awareness necessary to explain the rise (finally, after a long climb) of Hillary Clinton to the nomination, and to understand why she will be president. In other words, you will learn the explanatory (and predictive) power of the philosophy of history I call “present-centrismTM.”

Come enjoy the kind of insight and instruction we all once thought should be possible, but conventional history has so obviously failed to provide.

Ready for Hillary (Not Quite Ready to Feel the Bern): A Present-CentricTM History of the Democratic Party will run on-line, using the Cisco Webex conferencing system used in all Powell History courses.   The lecture will run approximately 90 minutes plus Q & A.  A recording will be made available to attendees as well.  Places in this first ever Present-CentricTM lecture are very limited.   When you register for the lecture via the Paypal link below, you will be personally welcomed to the event mailing list and sent instructions on how to prepare to attend.

On-Line Lecture, June 16, 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific
$15 (includes access to the recording)

“Ready for Hillary” is the second in a new series of lectures, running monthly, following its logical pairing: the first ever present-centric(TM) history of the Republican Party (Session 1: May 19 — SOLD OUTSession 2: May 26).  Stay tuned for more information on that by joining the Powell History mailing list.

Interested in hosting a live session of “Ready for Hillary” for your local club, student group, or political association? Contact me at:

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